History of Geneseo Country Club

The original Geneseo Country Club was organized in the late 1880"s for the enjoyment of a group of families. They swam of of a sand bar, rowed, looked for pearls in clamshells, danced and played whist or other genteel games on the banks of the Rock River. In 1898 they built a cabin named the Dew Drop Inn. This cabin was later sold and the group focused on the canal north of Geneseo.This cabin still remains at Shady Beach on the shore of the Rock River.

 During the Summer of 1912 picnic suppers were often served on some ground near the city pumping station. After supper groups would stroll along the banks of the canal and invariably linger high on the sixty foot knoll above the canal. Soon a group of people organized the Geneseo Outing Club and purchased thirteen acres along the canal.

Captain Wheeler , the engineer of the canal, declared this knoll the most beautiful spot on the canal. A contract for about five thousand dolloars was let to construct the building that we still use as our clubhouse. The colonial yellow building with white trim consisted of two rooms in the basement used mostly by the men, and the main floor consisting of a large ballroom with a twelve foot ceiling and a fireplace. The building did not have electricity or a furnace. Five double french doors opened onto the porch which faced the canal. There was also a ladies restroom and a kitchen on the main floor. On the second floor two rooms were provided for the caretaker.

In 1923 the Golf Club was formed. The Outing Club and the Golf Club became the Geneseo Country Club. The Outing Club and the Golf Club became the Geneseo Country Club. Dues were $25 for both the golf and social club. Women were associate members paying $12.50 for dues. The junior members' dues were $7.50. locker rental was $.50 if you shared a locker. Greens fees were $1.00 per day.

Approximately thirty more acres were added to make the nine hole course. In 1942 a group of men raised $3000 to purchase greens from a private club in Princeton Illinois. As in the early days the members did the work themselves, moving the greens from Princeton to replace the sand greens at the club. The greens were ready for play at the beginning of the 1943 season.

After 85 years it is the foresight of the members that improvements and additions to the golf course and clubhouse continue. Members are active in Men's League, Ladie's League, Couple's League. Tournements and various social events. The Boy Scouts still swim in the club pool as they have since the club was founded.

Gone are the boat club and bathhouses on the beach at the canal. Gone are the baseball diamond and tennis courts. Missing from the evening twilight are the businessmen in suits playing roque on the five lighted courts. Now the members play golf, still putting on those greens moved here in 1942, swim in the pool, dance on the yellow pine floor in the ballroom, kids play on the playground and all enjoy the serene enviornment that encompasses the Geneseo Country Club.

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